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Table 1 Results of the models for the overall infection prevalence (proportion of mosquitoes infected with either sporozoites, oocysts, or both), infectiousness (proportion of mosquitoes infected with sporozoites), sporozoite load, and oocyst load

From: Consequences of larval competition and exposure to permethrin for the development of the rodent malaria Plasmodium berghei in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae

TreatmentInfection prevalenceInfectiousnessSporozoite loadOocyst load
Larval exposure10.140.00111.94<0.0010.070.784.530.035
Adult exposure8.240.0045.640.0181.6810.204.220.042
Competition: larval exposure0.060.800.010.910.060.818.210.005
Competition:adult exposure0.170.680.010.940.380.541.050.31
Larval exposure: adult exposure7.870.0056.380.0110.180.670.460.50
Competition:larval exposure: adult exposure0.010.930.150.701.230.271.680.20
  1. Notes: The Chi-square values and the P-values are given. All degrees of freedom are 1. P-values in bold indicate statistical significance