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Table 4 Reports on dengue in DRC, 1960–2018

From: Mosquito-borne viral diseases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a review

Province (specific areas)Laboratory testNo. of samples tested (% positive)Period of recordReferences
Haut-Uelé, Bas-Uéle (Ango-Bondo)Animal inoculation32 (68.7); DENV-2 (95.0); DENV-1 (5.0)October–December 1960[32]
Tshopo (Kisangani)ELISA (IgM)45 (8.8)March 1998[11]
Whole countryRT-PCR453 (3.5); DENV-1 (85.0); DENV-2 (15.0)2003–2012[10]
Equateur (Health Zone Ingende), Sud-Ubangi (Gemena), Nord Ubangi (Health Zone Mobayi-mbongo, HZ Bili from Bosobolo)RT-PCR110 (3.6)2003–2012[10]
Bas-Uelé (Health Zones Titule, Lubunga) Tshopo (Makiso-Kisangani, Lubinga)RT-PCR168 (4.7)2003–2012[10]
Kasai Oriental (Health Zone Diulu in Mbujimayi)RT-PCR51 (1.9)2003–2012[10]
Kasai (Health Zone Kakenge from Mweka)RT-PCR41 (2.4)2003–2012[10]
Kongo-Central (Health Zones Kimpese, Kimpangu)RT-PCR11 (18.1)2003–2012[10]
Kinshasa (Binza-Meteo)Rapid test NS1111 (2.7)2012[16]
Mongala (Bumba), Kasai Oriental, Kinshasa (Kingabwa)ELISA, PRNT978 (3.8% in ELISA, of 32 ELISA (+) 9.4% (+) in PRNT) Serotypes: DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-32013–2014[9]
Kinshasa (Mbinza-Meteo)Rapid test NS1, RT-PCR96 (3.0% in rapid test NS1; 1.0% in RT-PCR)2014[30]