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Table 1 Environmental variables description

From: Modelling the impact of MAUP on environmental drivers for Schistosoma japonicum prevalence

Environmental variableSpatial resolutionTemporal resolutionData typeOriginal coordinate systemData source
Elevation30 mnaRasterEPSG:4326ASTER GDEM V2 from USGS
NDVI250 m2008RasterEPSG:4326MOD13Q1
30 m2008RasterEPSG:4326Landsat 5
NDWI500 m2008RasterEPSG:32651Landsat 7, 1-year composite
30 m2008RasterEPSG:4326Landsat 5
LST1 km2008RasterEPSG:4326MOD11A2
NDWB250 m2010RasterEPSG:32651Derived from closest facility network using roads, urban areas, river network and water bodies
  1. Abbreviations: NDVI, normalized difference vegetation index; NDWI, normalized difference water index; LST, land surface temperature day and night; NDWB, nearest distance to water bodies. USGS, United States Geological Survey; na, not applicable