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Table 2 Credible interval widths (uncertainty) at five increasing spatial supports of analysis

From: Modelling the impact of MAUP on environmental drivers for Schistosoma japonicum prevalence

Spatial supports of analysisCredible intervals width (uncertainty)
30 m0.520.500.590.560.590.32
90 m0.570.500.620.560.590.33
250 m0.600.480.640.590.660.36
500 m0.540.440.640.580.640.38
1 km0.580.461.491.140.340.39
  1. Note: High uncertainty values are present in bold
  2. Abbreviations: NDVI, normalized difference vegetation index; NDWI, normalized difference water index; LSTD, land surface temperature day; LSTN, land surface temperature night; NDWB, nearest distance to water bodies