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Table 3 Comparison of median levels of antibodies to Leishmania or Phlebotomus perniciosus at the beginning and end of the sand fly season

From: Monitoring Leishmania infection and exposure to Phlebotomus perniciosus using minimal and non-invasive canine samples

Serological techniqueSand fly season (n = 208)P-value
Median (IQR)RangeMedian (IQR)Range
P. perniciosus
 ELISA-rSP03B0.350 (0.282–0.496)0.117–1.4060.369 (0.280–0.491)0.143–1.0660.793
 ELISA-rSP03B + rSP010.370 (0.292–0.508)0.129–1.2530.393 (0.308–0.556)0.164–1.4510.060
 ELISA-SGH0.237 (0.186–0.343)0.083–1.4440.282 (0.232–0.380)0.110–1.404< 0.001
 ELISA0.037 (0.024–0.064)0.000–1.6800.038 (0.025–0.071)0–1.6200.457
 IFAT0 (0–0)0–20480 (0–0)0–91920.919
  1. Abbreviations: ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; IFAT, immunofluorescence antibody test; rSP03B, 43 KDa yellow-related protein; rSP03B + rSP01, rSP03B and 35.5 kDa apyrase; SGH, salivary gland homogenate; IQR, interquartile interval (quartile 1–quartile 3)