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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of dogs infected with Babesia negevi n. sp. included in the study

From: A new piroplasmid species infecting dogs: morphological and molecular characterization and pathogeny of Babesia negevi n. sp.

Dog number12345
Sample ID8726; 10014663983504080651; 0544
LocationMeitarHashmonaimKarmei YosefAshkelonJerusalem
Year of diagnosis20122012201320122016
Sex; age (years)F; 3M; 4F; 12.5M; 3.5M; 0.3
BreedMixed breedLabrador RetrieverMixed breedLabrador RetrieverMixed breed
Fever41.2 °C39.5 °C38.9 °C39.6 °C39.0 °C
Pale mucous membranes+++++
Anemia; Hematocrit; MCV (fl); MCHC (g/l)+; 0.34 l/l; 77.7; 305+; 0.189 l/l; 66.7; 337+; 0.17 l/l; 69.2; 353+: 0.13 l/l; 84.6; 288+; 0.084 l/l; 62.3; 272
Leukocytosis; WBC (× 109/l)−; 11.80−; 12.80−; 9.13+; 24.88−; 6.45
Platelet count (× 109/l)4117186454
Borrelia persica infection noted on blood smear; PCR+; ++; ++; +−; −+; +
Ehrlichia canis PCR
Hepatozoon canis PCR+
OutcomeSurvivedDied one day after treatment initiationSurvivedDied one day after treatment initiationSurvived
TreatmentDoxycycline and imidocarb dipropionateAmoxicillin/ clavulanic acid; Imidocarb dipropionateAmoxicillin; imidocarb dipropionateDoxycycline; imidocarb dipropionateDoxycycline; imidocarb dipropionate
  1. Notes: Hematocrit, reference interval (RI), 0.371–0.57 l/l; MCV (mean corpuscular volume) RI, 58.8–71.2 fl; MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration) RI, 310–362 g/l; WBC (white blood cell count) RI, 5.2–13.9 × 109/l; platelet count RI 143–400 × 109/l
  2. Abbreviations: F, female; M, male