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Fig. 4

From: Molecular typing of Cyclospora cayetanensis in produce and clinical samples using targeted enrichment of complete mitochondrial genomes and next-generation sequencing

Fig. 4

Cluster analysis of C. cayetanensis mitochondrial genomes in samples from different geographical areas. Cluster dendrogram was generated based on mitochondrial genome sequence data from 24 samples from 2014 sample collection and tree published C. cayetanensis mitochondrial genomes. The specimens are color coded according to their collection locations. Reference genome KP231180 and previously published C. cayetanensis mitochondrial genomes MG831586, MG831587 and MG831588 are sequenced from specimens originated from Nepal. The circular dendrogram was constructed in MEGA 7. The initial distance matrix was computed using the Maximum Composite Likelihood method. The option ‘complete deletion’ was chosen which deleted the bases across all genomes even if a single gap. There were a total of 6258 positions in the final dataset

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