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Fig. 1

From: The antischistosomal potential of GSK-J4, an H3K27 demethylase inhibitor: insights from molecular modeling, transcriptomics and in vitro assays

Fig. 1

Three-dimensional modeling of Smp_034000 protein and GSK-J4 inhibitor. a Homology model of target protein with ligand 8xq3001 and Ni ion in cavity. The inset shows the cavity of target protein with inhibitor 8xq3001 (magenta) and Ni2+ ion (green), the interacting amino acid residues are shown in stick. b Predicted interactions of GSK-J1 with Smp_034000 putative Nickel binding site. The binding sites of Nickel atom in the structure of crystal structure of human JMJD3 (PDB code 2xxz) is presented for comparison (prepared by LIGPLOT)

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