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Fig. 4

From: The antischistosomal potential of GSK-J4, an H3K27 demethylase inhibitor: insights from molecular modeling, transcriptomics and in vitro assays

Fig. 4

Ultrastructural changes on the body structure of S. mansoni adult worms exposed for 24 h to 20 µM GSK-J4. Scanning electron microscopy of control adult male worms (ae) and control adult female (ko) worms incubated with 0.2% DMSO. Adult male (fj) and adult female worms (pt) treated with 20 µM GSK-J4. Abbreviations: b, blisters; cp, ciliated papillae; os, oral sucker; slo, sloughing; TF, tegumental parallel-arranged folds; t, tubercles; vs, ventral sucker

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