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Fig. 5

From: One-step RT-qPCR assay for ZIKV RNA detection in Aedes aegypti samples: a protocol to study infection and gene expression during ZIKV infection

Fig. 5

Reproducibility intra and inter assay of the one-step RT-qPCR assay for ZIKV RNA detection. RNAs transcribed in vitro (108 copies/reaction), containing sequences of NS5 and Env genes from MR766 and PRVABC59 strains, were used as templates for RT-qPCR reactions using hydrolysis probe (1107-FAM) and SYBR Green (NS5-2362F and NS5-2457R primers) as fluorescent dyes. Coefficients of variance were calculated from three technical replicates, performed in triplicate each. Coefficient of variance = standard deviation/mean × 100

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