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Table 2 Primers specificity evaluation in mosquito samples

From: One-step RT-qPCR assay for ZIKV RNA detection in Aedes aegypti samples: a protocol to study infection and gene expression during ZIKV infection

SamplePCR features1107-FAM probeZIKV 1086
ZIKV 1162c primers
NS5 primers
Uninfected mosquitoesPositive/tested0/42/40/4
Quantification cycle (Cq) value30–31
Melting temperature78 °C
Infected mosquitoesPositive/tested4/44/44/4
Quantification cycle (Cq) value22–2320–2119–20
Melting temperature79 °C79.5–80 °C
Positive controlPositive/tested4/44/44/4
Quantification cycle (Cq) value201718–19
Melting temperature79 °C80 °C
  1. Notes: Total RNA from control and ZIKV-infected (PRVABC59 strain) whole mosquitoes were extracted 7 days post-infection and used as template for qRT-PCR reactions, using 1107-FAM probe and NS5-2362F/NS5-2457R or ZIKV 1086/ZIKV 1162c primers. Positive controls consisted of total RNA from Vero cells infected with ZIKV PRVABC59 strain