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Fig. 5

From: Oncomelania hupensis retains its ability to transmit Schistosoma japonicum 13 years after migration from permissive to non-permissive areas

Fig. 5

qRT-PCR validation of gene expression. Fourteen genes were selected for verification of the RNA sequencing data, including 2 genes upregulated in JS-F (EWB00_005036 and EWB00_010161) and 12 genes upregulated in SD-F (EWB00_002418, EWB00_003584, EWB00_003582, EWB00_008342, EWB00_005617, EWB00_005592, EWB00_010449, EWB00_011245, EWB00_009712, EWB00_006199, EWB00_000274 and EWB00_006201). PSMD4 was used for normalization. a, b Gene expression obtained from RNA sequencing and qRT-PCR, respectively. c The expression levels determined by qRT-PCR correlated with those obtained by RNA sequencing

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