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Table 2 Accession numbers of genes of representative Bartonella strains from four novel genogroups

From: Lipoptena fortisetosa as a vector of Bartonella bacteria in Japanese sika deer (Cervus nippon)

Novel genogroups Representative strains Accession numbers
gltA rpoB ftsZ ribC
XII D13-Ked2.1 LC485114 LC485118 LC485122 LC485126
XIII D8-Ked2.1 LC485115 LC485119 LC485123 LC485127
XIV D8-Ked2.2 LC485116 LC485120 LC485124 LC485128
XV D93-Ked3.1 LC485117 LC485121 LC485125 LC485129
  1. gltA, Citrate synthase gene; rpoB, RNA polymerase beta-subunit-encoding gene; ftsZ, cell-division protein gene; ribC, riboflavin synthase gene