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Table 3 Novel genogroup classification based on a BLAST analysis of the gltA and rpoB genes

From: Lipoptena fortisetosa as a vector of Bartonella bacteria in Japanese sika deer (Cervus nippon)

Representative strains (Genogroups) gltA (338 bp) rpoB (825 bp)
Strain (accession no.) Scientific name of host Similarity (%) Strain (accession no.) Scientific name of host Similarity (%)
D13-Ked2.1 (XII) Honshu-9.1 (AB703125)
Honshu-18.5 (AB703129)
Cervus nippon 100 Honshu-12.1 (AB703146) Cervus nippon 98.8
D8-Ked2.1 (XIII) MUD (JX416234) Lipoptena sp.a 97.6 Uncultured five Bartonella strains (MF580657–MF580661)b Lipoptena cervic 99.6
D8-Ked2.2 (XIV) Honshu-9.1 (AB703125)
Honshu-18.5 (AB703129)
Cervus nippon 96.7 Uncultured Bartonella species (AY805112) Odocoileus virginianusd 97.2
D93-Ked3.1 (XV) Honshu-16.1 (AB703131) Cervus nippon 100 Honshu-16.1 (AB703149) Cervus nippon 99.4
  1. aLipoptena sp. collected in the USA
  2. bStrains BLC59KG, BLC63KG, BLC73KG, BLC107KG, and BLC202KG from deer keds in Poland
  3. cLipoptena cervi collected in Poland
  4. dOdocoileus virginianus (White-tailed deer) captured in the USA