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Table 4 Relationship of Bartonella lineages between hematophagous arthropods and sika deer

From: Lipoptena fortisetosa as a vector of Bartonella bacteria in Japanese sika deer (Cervus nippon)

Hematophagous arthropod ID number Bartonella lineagea Deer ID number
Arthropod strain Deer strain
D8-Ked1, D8-Ked3 D8-Ked4, D8-Ked5 B A Deer 8
D8-Ked2 D and E
D11-Tick12 B B Deer 11
D12-Ked1 B B Deer 12
D13-Ked1, D13-Ked2, D13-Ked3 B A Deer 13
D89-Ked2 B B Deer 89
D91-Ked1, D91-Ked5 B A Deer 91
D93-Ked1, D93-Ked2, D93-Ked4 B B Deer 93
D93-Ked3 C
D96-Ked2 C B Deer 96
  1. aLineage A represents Bartonella capreoli and lineages B to E are novel Bartonella species