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Table 2 Tick species collected from humans in the period 2017–2019 and morphologically identified

From: Ticks infesting humans and associated pathogens: a cross-sectional study in a 3-year period (2017–2019) in northwest Italy

Tick genus Tick species Number of ticks/species
Ixodes I. ricinus 1009
I. hexagonus 13
I. frontalis 1
I. acuminatus 1
Ixodes spp. 158
Total number Ixodes ticks 1182
Rhipicephalus R. sanguineus 2
Rhipicephalus spp. 6
Total number Rhipicephalus ticks 8
Dermacentor D.marginatus 6
Amblyomma A.parvum 1
Haemaphysalis H.punctata 3
Hyalomma   1
Not determined 89