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Table 2 Risk factors for Trichinella spp. prevalence and intensity in wolverine (Gulo gulo) identified in final stepwise logistic regression; odd ratios (OR) and its 95% confidence intervals and probability (p)

From: High prevalence, intensity, and genetic diversity of Trichinella spp. in wolverine (Gulo gulo) from Yukon, Canada

Model (outcome) (n) Predictors in the final model OR 95 CI p
Trichinella spp. infection (yes/no) [323] Age Juvenile    0.001
Yearling 2.25 1.16–4.36 0.016
Adult 3.76 1.86–7.60 0.001
Harvest location Northwest    0.001
Southeast 2.87 1.60–5.16 0.001
Trichinella spp. larval burden (high/low) [254]a Age Adult    0.012
Yearling 2.41 1.28–4.54 0.007
Juvenile 1.07 0.57–2.00 0.840
Single vs. co-infection statusb Trichinella-single species infection    0.002
Trichinella-mixed infection 3.33 1.53–7.24  
  1. n Animals with complete record for respective model
  2. aOnly positive samples with Trichinella species were included in the model
  3. bSingle infection means infection with any one of the listed species Trichinella T6, T. nativa, T. chanchalensis, or T spiralis; co-infection means co-infection with either Trichinella T6 and T. nativa, Trichinella T6 and T. chanchalensis, or T. nativa and T. chanchalensis