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Table 3 Species of Trichinella identified in wolverine (Gulo gulo) in the Yukon

From: High prevalence, intensity, and genetic diversity of Trichinella spp. in wolverine (Gulo gulo) from Yukon, Canada

Species diagnosis By multiplex PCR By PCR-RFLPa
Trichinella T6 only 199 NA
T. nativa only 22 4 (T. nativa only)
7 (T. chanchalensis only)
2 (T. chanchalensis and T. nativa)
1 (T. chanchalensis and Trichinella T6)
8 NA
Trichinella T6 and T. nativa 32 NA
T. spiralis 1 NA
Species not identified 8 NA
  1. NA isolates of Trichinella not tested by PCR-RFLP
  2. aOnly 14 of 22 T. nativa isolates (identified on multiplex PCR) were tested by PCR-RFLP [4]