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Table 1 Definition and value of parameters

From: Modelling the transmission dynamics of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Jiangsu Province, China

Parameter Definition Value Unit Method
 β1 Person-to-person transmissibility coefficient (Person*day)−1 Model fitting
 κ Relative transmissibility coefficient of unapparent infection 1 1
 p Proportion of latent infection 0.043 1 Ref. [41]
 1/ω1 Incubation period 11 Day Ref. [42]
 1/γ Infectious period of dominant infection 14 Day Ref. [44]
 1/γ' Latent infection period 14 Day
 f Fatality rate 0.16 1 Ref. [5]
 br Birth rate 0.009481 1 Statistical Yearbook of Jiangsu Province
 dr Mortality rate 0.007003 1 Statistical Yearbook of Jiangsu Province
 β2 Coefficient of transmissibility between ticks 0 (Pieces*day)−1
 β2-1 Coefficient of tick-to-human transmissibility 8β1 (Person*day)−1 Ref. [34]
 β2-3 Coefficient of tick-to-host infection 8β1 (Pieces*day)−1 Ref. [34]
 1/ω2 Incubation period of ticks 7 Day Ref. [26]
Host animal
 β3 Coefficient of transmissibility between host animal 2β1 (Pieces*day)−1 Ref. [34]
 β3-1 Coefficient of transmissibility rate of host animal to human 2β1 (Pieces*day)−1 Ref. [34]
 β3-2 Coefficient of host animal infection to ticks 8β1 (Person*day)−1 Ref. [34]
 1/ω3 Host animal incubation period 12 Day Ref. [39]
 j Rate of host animal discharge to the environment 10 Ref. [35]
 βw Coefficient of transmissibility rate of the environment to humans and host animals 9β1 (Human/animal*day)−1 Ref. [34]
 W Environmental tick density 0.047494291 One km2/person (flag hour) Jiangsu Province surveillance data