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Table 2 Combined transmissibility matrix

From: Modelling the transmission dynamics of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome in Jiangsu Province, China

  β1 β3 βw β21 β31 β32 β23
β1 1 2β1 9β1 8β1 2β1 8β1 8β1
β3 1/2β3 1 9/2β3 4β3 1β3 4β3 4β3
βw 1/9βw 2/9βw 1 8/9βw 2/9βw 8/9βw 8/9βw
β21 1/8β21 1/4β21 9/8β21 1 1/4β21 1β21 1β21
β31 1/2β31 1β31 9/2β31 4β31 1 4β31 4β31
β32 1/8β32 1/4β32 9/8β32 1β32 1/4β32 1 1β32
β23 1/8β23 1/4β23 9/8β23 1β23 1/4β23 1β23 1