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Table 2 Morphological versus molecular identifications

From: Secondary malaria vectors in western Kenya include novel species with unexpectedly high densities and parasite infection rates

Morphological species identification Molecular species identification
An. arabiensis* An. christyi An. sp. 15 BSL-2014 An. cf. pharoensis* An. cf. coustani
An. coustani s.l 0 0 50 9 0
An. pharoensis 2 1 6 14 1
Total 2 (1) 1 56 23 (5) 1
  1. Two secondary vectors were identified morphologically (An. coustani (s.l.) and An. pharoensis), while five species were identified molecularly
  2. Specimens that were found to be sporozoite positive by ELISA are labeled with an asterisk (*) with the number of positive samples in parentheses