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Table 1 Knockdown resistance (Vssc) mutations that have been detected in different mosquito populations

From: Dengue fever and insecticide resistance in Aedes mosquitoes in Southeast Asia: a review

Mutation Transmembrane domain Mosquito References
G923V II Aedes aegypti [61]
L982W II Ae. aegypti [61]
I1011M II Ae. aegypti [61]
I1011V II Ae. aegypti [74]
V410L I Ae. aegypti [75]
T1520I III Ae. aegypti [65]
S989P II Ae. aegypti [63]
F1534S III Ae. albopictus [76]
F1534L III Ae. albopictus [76]
F1534C III Ae. albopictus, Ae. aegypti [75, 77]
D1763Y IV Ae. aegypti [78]
V1016G II Ae. aegypti [63]
V1016I II Ae. aegypti [79]
  1. Vssc Voltage-sensitive sodium channel