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Table 1 Comparison of mitochondrial genomes of P. persalinus and U. marinum

From: Comparison of mitochondrial genome and development of specific PCR primers for identifying two scuticociliates, Pseudocohnilembus persalinus and Uronema marinum

Species Length (bp) Entire genome Protein-coding gene
A (bp) T (bp) C (bp) G (bp) N (bp)a Genes GC (%) Length (aa) AT (%) (all) AT (%) (3rd)
Pseudocohnilembus persalinus 38,375 14430 15135 4101 4509 200 40 22.44 9174 77.01 76.18
Uronema marinum 39,845 15869 16404 4562 4010 0 43 19 9929 81.45 85.98
  1. aThe mitochondrial genome of P. persalinus had two gaps, and the length of gaps was unknown. The number of N in each gap region was in accordance with NCBI sequence submission requirements, and the default was 100
  2. Length (aa): Total length of amino acid sequence of all mitochondrial proteins. “aa” represents amino acids; AT (%) (all): The percentage of the A and T base of the coding region sequence of all proteins in the total coding region sequence; AT (%) (3rd): The percentage of the sequence consisting of the sum of A and T bases in the third base of all amino acid codons