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Table 2 Nucleotide and amino acid differences found in the mtDNA cox1 gene sequence of Ae. albopictus populations studied and other haplotypes and isolates of the same species from GenBank

From: Aedes albopictus diversity and relationships in south-western Europe and Brazil by rDNA/mtDNA and phenotypic analyses: ITS-2, a useful marker for spread studies

  1. Numbers (to be read in vertical) refer to variable positions obtained in the alignment made with MEGA 7;. = identical
  2. a Haplotypes H1 to H12 correspond to to Ae. albopictus cox1-H1 to cox1-H12 from present paper (five of them in bold, shared with other countries). H13 to H27 correspond to haplotypes retrieved from GenBank (see Additional file 1: Table S1)