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Table 4 European and Brazilian Ae. albopictus ITS-2 rDNA haplotypes shared with other countries

From: Aedes albopictus diversity and relationships in south-western Europe and Brazil by rDNA/mtDNA and phenotypic analyses: ITS-2, a useful marker for spread studies

Country (locality) Shared haplotypes Country (locality) GenBank Acc.Nº References
ITS-2 haplotype Haplotype/isolate
Spain (Valencia) H89 Hap22 Italy (Pavia) KY703689 [38]
Spain (Valencia) H94 isolate KF7 China (Henan) MF623839 [65]
France (Perpignan) H151 Hap18/Aa18 Italy (Pavia) KY703675 [38]
Hap49/Aa49 France, Reunion St. Pierre KY703676 [38]
Brazil (Goiania) H12 USA M95127 [86]
Hap13/Aa13 Thailand (Phato) KY703691 [38]
Hap23/Aa23 Italy (Pavia) KY703692 [38]
Brazil (Goiania) H16 Hap44/Aa44 Italy (Modena) KY703688 [38]
H3 Vietnam (Bin Phuoc) KX495935 [37]
Brazil (Goiania) H25 Hap09/Aa9 Thailand (Phato) KY703695 [38]
Brazil (Goiania) H38 Hap21/Aa21 Italy (Pavia) KY703685 [38]
Brazil (Manaus) H49 Hap42/Aa42 Italy (Cesena) KY703669 [38]
  1. Sequences adjusted to the same length of the ITS-2 in a 421 bp long alignment
  2. H or Hap, Haplotype