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Table 1 Each parameter of the multivariate statistical analysis

From: Serum metabolomics in chickens infected with Cryptosporidium baileyi

Samples Models R2X (cumulative) R2Y (cumulative) Q2(cumulative) Q2
All PCA-X 0.34   0.036  
Case 1–Con 1a PLS-DA 0.37 0.95 0.81  
OPLS-DA 0.37 0.95 0.86 − 0.61
  1. R2Y metric describing the percentage of Y matric explained by the model, Q2 (cumulative) metric describing the predictive ability of the model, Q2 metric representing a parameter that describes whether the OPLS-DA opls-da model is over-fitted, PCA principal component analysisPLS-DA partial least squares-discriminant analysis, OPLS-DA orthogonal partial least squares-discriminant analysis,
  2. aCase 1: experimental group (Cryptosporidium baileyi-infected chickens); Con 1: mock-inoculated (with phosphate buffered saline) group