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Table 3 Co-infection in I. ricinus ticks removed from humans between 2016 and 2019

From: Long-term study of Borrelia and Babesia prevalence and co-infection in Ixodes ricinus and Dermacentor recticulatus ticks removed from humans in Poland, 2016–2019

Tick stage No. of specimens Pathogen species
Female 1 Borellia afzelii + B. spielmanii
Nymph 1 Borrelia afzelii + B. burdorferi (s.s.)
Nymph 1 Borrelia afzelii + B. miyamotoi
Female 1 Borrelia afzelii + B. burgdorferii (s.s.). + B. lusitaniae
Female 1 Borrelia valaisiana + Babesia microti
Borrelia afzelii + Babesia microti
Female 1 Borrelia afzelii + Babesia canis
Female 2 Borrelia afzelii + Babesia venatorum