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Table 2 Model of binary logistic regression using backward stepwise method of the hypothesized risk factors with the frequency of Theileria sp. infection

From: A comparative study of single Theileria lestoquardi and mixed infections with Theileria ovis

Variables β SE β P-value Adjusted odds ratio 95% CI
Lower Upper
 Exotic 0.00 1
 Cross-bred −2.52 1.05 0.016 0.08 0.01 0.63
 Indigenous −1.05 0.30 0.001 0.35 0.19 0.62
  1. β: logistic coefficients. SE: standard error, CI: confidence interval. Odds ratio of sheep breed: exotic sheep were 2.9 (CI 1.66–5.14) and 12.9 (CI 1.65–101.19) times as likely to be Theileria-positive as indigenous and cross-bred sheep, respectively