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Table 1 Specimen voucher code (SVC), sampling location (SL), host, accession number (acc. no.), haplotype number (Hap), and genotype (G) of nad5 gene sequences of E. granulosus s.s. in human and livestock from Turkey and Iran

From: Echinococcus granulosus sensu stricto G1 is the predominant genotype in human and livestock isolates from Turkey and Iran, based on mitochondrial nad5 gene differentiation

SVG G Host Hap SL Acc. no. SVG G Host Hap SL Acc. no.
A1 G1 Sheep H1 Turkey MW835719 C10 G1 Human H7 Turkey MW835734
A2 G1 Sheep H2 Turkey MW835720 C13 G3 Human H11 Turkey MW835749
A3 G1 Sheep H3 Turkey MW835721 C14 G3 Human H11 Turkey MW835750
A4 G1 Sheep H1 Turkey MW835722 C16 G1 Human H3 Iran MW835735
A5 G1 Sheep H2 Turkey MW835724 C17 G1 Human H3 Iran MW835736
A11 G1 Sheep H4 Turkey MW835725 C21 G1 Human H3 Iran MW835737
A12 G1 Sheep H3 Turkey MW835723 C27 G1 Human H3 Iran MW835738
A9 G1 Sheep H3 Turkey MW835726 C28 G1 Human H1 Iran MW835739
B1 G1 Cattle H3 Turkey MW835727 CF1 G3 Cattle H11 Iran MW835751
B2 G1 Cattle H3 Turkey MW835728 CF3 G3 Cattle H13 Iran MW835752
B4 G3 Cattle H12 Turkey MW835746 CF6 G1 Cattle H3 Iran MW835740
B5 G3 Cattle H11 Turkey MW835747 CF7 G1 Cattle H8 Iran MW835741
B7 G3 Cattle H11 Turkey MW835748 CF10 G1 Cattle B2 Iran MW835742
B9 G1 Cattle H5 Turkey MW835729 S7 G1 Sheep H9 Iran MW835743
B10 G1 Cattle H2 Turkey MW835730 S9 G1 Sheep H10 Iran MW835744
C1 G1 Human H3 Turkey MW835731 S13 G3 Sheep H11 Iran MW835754
C3 G1 Human H3 Turkey MW835732 S15 G3 Sheep H11 Iran MW835745
C7 G1 Human H6 Turkey MW835733 S4 G3 Sheep C14 Iran MW835753