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Table 5 Virus isolation attempts from Culicoides collected from Shizong County in Yunnan Province, China

From: Isolation of Tibet Orbivirus from Culicoides jacobsoni (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) in China

Species Approximate number used for testing Poolsa Cells with cytopathic effect Isolate designation Virus
C. sumatrae 1050 0/12    
C. tainanus 820 1/9 C6/36 YNV/01-1 Unknown
Culicoides (Trithecoides) spp.b 350 0/4    
C. orientalis 300 1/4 BHK-21, C6/36 YNV/03-2 Unknown
C. arakawai 200 0/3    
C. jacobsoni 200 1/2 BHK-21, C6/36 YNV/17-14 TIBOV
C. insignipennis 180 0/4    
C. oxystoma 40 0/2    
C. liui 20 0/1    
Total 3160 3/41    
  1. aValues in this column are presented as positive number of pools/total number of pools
  2. bCulicoides (Trithecoides) spp. refers to specimens belonging to this subgenus with a yellow scutum