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Table 2 Accession numbers and functional annotation of Babesia bovis genes of interest

From: Differential expression of calcium-dependent protein kinase 4, tubulin tyrosine ligase, and methyltransferase by xanthurenic acid-induced Babesia bovis sexual stages

Locus_tag Chromosome number Accession number of B. bovis genes of interest Accession number of B. bovis proteins of interest Function annotation Length cDNA (bp/aa)
BBOV_IV003210 4 XM_001609435.1 XP_001609485.1 Calcium-dependent protein kinase 4 (CDPK4) 1707/517
BBOV_II003780 2 XM_001609851.1 XP_001609901.1 Hypothetical protein (MT) 234/77
BBOV_III004540 3 XM_001611535.1 XP_001611585.1 Tubulin-tyrosine ligase family protein (TTL) 1242/413
BBOV_IV005520 4 XM_001610431.1 XP_001610481.1 Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) 2203/584
BBOV_III006770 3 XM_001611756.1 XP_001611806.1 Membrane protein (HAP2) 2274/757
BBOV_I003060 1 XM_001608906.1 XP_001608956.1 Merozoite surface antigen-1(MSA-1) 1130/ 319