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Table 2 Haplotype of the voltage-gated sodium channel gene according to mutant alleles of codons 1532 and 1534 in Ae. albopictus populations from China

From: The pattern of kdr mutations correlated with the temperature in field populations of Aedes albopictus in China

Haplotype Allele GenBank Accession number
Codon 1532 Codon 1532
H01_IF I/ATC F/TTC MT559317
H02_IL I/ATC L/TTG MT559318
H03_IL I/ATC L/CTG MT559319
H04_IL I/ATC L/CTC MT559320
H05_IL I/ATC L/TTA MT559321
H06_IS I/ATC S/TCC MT559322
H07_IS I/ATC S/TCG MT559323
H08_IC I/ATC C/TGC MT559324
H09_IR I/ATC R/CGC MT559325
H10_IW I/ATC W/TGG MT559326
H11_TF T/ACC F/TTC MT559327
H12_TL T/ACC L/TTG MT559328
H13_TS T/ACC S/TCC MT559329