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Table 1 K2P sequence divergence (Cytb/CO1/ND4) between the species belonging to the subgenus Transphlebotomus

From: Sand fly fauna of South-Eastern Romania, with the description of Phlebotomus (Transphlebotomus) simonahalepae n. sp. (Diptera: Psychodidae)

  Ph. anatolicus Ph. canaaniticus Ph. economidesi Ph. killicki Ph. mascittii Ph. simonahalepae n. sp.
Ph. anatolicus
Ph. canaaniticus 0.069/0.068/na      
Ph. economidesi 0.107/0.146/na 0.112/0.131/0.103     
Ph. killicki 0.107/0.146/na 0.103/0.111/0.097 0.083/0.131/0.096    
Ph. mascittii 0.107/0.146/na 0.120/0.104/0.116 0.116/0.150/0.105 0.106/0.115/0.117   
Ph. simonahalepae n. sp. 0.107/0.146/na 0.122/0.112/0.116 0.075/0.090/0.075 0.086/0.110/0.101 0.121/0.115/0.112  
  1. na not available