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Table 2 Peptidases detected in the proteome of S. solidus using its new expanded genome

From: The parasite Schistocephalus solidus secretes proteins with putative host manipulation functions

Peptidase name ID Signal peptide (amino acid) Active site
Cathepsin B g20295.t1 1 to 26 Q131, C137, H306, N326
Aminopeptidase M17 g13261.t1 1 to 30 K280, R355
Aminopeptidase M17 g19803.t1 1 to 17 K284, R359
Aminopeptidase M17 g13265.t1 1 to 19 K317, R392
Peptidase family M49 g12315.t1 No E438, E439, H443, E495
Peptidase M16B g29053.t1 No E71, E141, L267, R368
  1. The name, the identification number from the new genome assembly (ID), the length of the signal peptide (in numbers of amino acids), and the name of the conserved active sites are indicated for each peptidase