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Table 3 Proteins that are excreted/secreted by S. solidus, detected in five secretomes and not in proteomes

From: The parasite Schistocephalus solidus secretes proteins with putative host manipulation functions

UniProt ID Information from UniProt and BLAST tools Information from sequence, structure, and phylogeny
A0A0X3PH69 Neogenin Fibronectin type-III domains
A0A0X3Q1B7;A0A0X3PKA1;A0A0X3Q8R6 Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase eta Fibronectin type-III domains
A0A0V0JBL5 Unknown Fibronectin type-II domains
Neurotransmitter: sodium symporter (NSS) Unknown
A0A0X3P711;A0A183SGM7 Phospholipid scramblase Unknown
A0A0V0J8W2 Unknown Gene specific to S. solidus (orphan)
A0A0X3P740 Unknown Gene specific to S. solidus (orphan)
A0A0X3Q756 Unknown Gene specific to S. solidus (orphan)
Signal peptide (secreted)
  1. Protein IDs were taken from UniProt. When several protein IDs were assigned to one protein, these protein IDs corresponded to isoforms with identical functions. For each protein, functional annotation was first retrieved from searches with UniProt and BLAST tools. Complementary analyses based on sequence, structure, and phylogeny were used to obtain information