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Table 3 Reports on tick-borne pathogens in animal or tick species collected from hosts in different areas of Ethiopia

From: Geographical distribution of ixodid ticks and tick-borne pathogens of domestic animals in Ethiopia: a systematic review

Administrative region Location Animal/tick Host from which ticks were collected TBPs Technique of detection References
Oromia Western Rh. evertsi evertsi, Rh. (B.) decoloratus Sheep and cattle A. ovis
Ehrlichia sp., Anaplasma sp. Rickettsia sp.
E. ruminantium
R. africae
Molecular [49]
Oromia Western Cattle A. centrale
A. marginale
B. bigemina
Thin blood smear [12]
Somali Eastern Am. gemma
Hy. impeltatum
Hy. truncatum
Hy. rufipes
Cattle, sheep, and goats R. africae
R. aeschlimannii
Molecular [50]
Somali Eastern Cattle, camels T. velifera
T. mutans
Molecular [16]
Somali Eastern Am. gemma Cattle E. ruminantium Molecular [16]
Amhara Northern Cattle T. orientalis Molecular [51]
Amhara Northern Cattle and sheep T. velifera
T. mutans
T. ovis
Molecular [52]
Tigray Northern Cattle, goats, and sheep T. velifera
T. mutans
T. annulata
T. ovis
T. separate
Molecular [52]
Oromia Western Rh. (B.) decoloratus
Rh. evertsi evertsi
Cattle and sheep T. ovis
Theileria sp.
Molecular [17]
Oromia Western Hy. rufipes Cattle Francisella-like endosymbiont Molecular [53]
Oromia Western Am. variegatum
Am. cohaerens
Cattle E. ruminantium, A. phagocytophilum, A. marginale Molecular [35]
Oromia Western Am. variegatum
Am. cohaerens
Cattle C. burnetii Molecular [36]
Oromia Western Cattle and sheep A. phagocytophilum Molecular [15]
Oromia Southern Cattle and goats A. marginale
A. centrale
Anaplasma sp. ‘Omatjenne’
Molecular [15]
Oromia Central Cattle, sheep, and goats A. marginale
Anaplasma sp. ‘Omatjenne’
A. phagocytophilum
A. centrale
A. ovis
Molecular [15]