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Table 3 Overview of identified species (NP1) using either classical morphological identification or ONS followed by a BLAST against the GenBank database or by a BOLD search

From: A barcoding pipeline for mosquito surveillance in Nepal, a biodiverse dengue-endemic country

Sample Species (morphological identification) Species (ONS sequence) Percent ident. (BLAST) Matching of results Accession number (ONS) Reference for identification of sequencing result
NP1-1 Ae. albopictus Ae. albopictus 98.6 Y OL352190 Batovska et al. [49]
NP1-2 An. splendidus An. subpictus/jamesii 98.5/98.3 N OL352191  
NP1-3 An. annularis An. annularis 98.8 Y OL352192 Ashfaq et al. [45]
NP1-4 An. barbirostris An. barbirostris 99.9 Y OL352193 Saeung et al. [47]
NP1-5 An. culicifacies An. culicifacies 98.8 Y OL352194 Ashfaq et al. [45]
NP1-6 An. maculatus An. dravidicus 99.4 N OL352195 Ashfaq et al. [45]
NP1-7 An. nivipes An. annularis 98.9 N OL352196 Ashfaq et al. [45]
NP1-8 An. sinensis An. nivipes 99.5 N OL352197  
NP1-9 An. athakani An. lindesayi 99.5 N OL352198 Namgay et al. [46]
NP1-10 An. culicifacies An. culicifacies 98.9 Y OL352199 Ashfaq et al. [45]
NP1-11 An. dravidicus An. maculatus 93.1 N OL352200  
NP1-12 An. fluviatilis An. aconitus 97.4 N OL352201 Wilkerson et al. [48]
NP1-13 An. nigerrimus An. peditaeniatus 99.7 N OL352202 Ashfaq et al. [45]
NP1-14 An. splendidus An. subpictus/jamesii 99.1/99.5 N OL352203  
NP1-15 An. tessellatus An. tessellatus 97.7 Y OL352204 Bourke et al. [44]
  1. The percentage of matching bases from the BLAST is given for the first shown result. Matching success of the two methods for species identification is 40%