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Table 4 Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of next-generation sequencing barcodes compared to morphological identification

From: A barcoding pipeline for mosquito surveillance in Nepal, a biodiverse dengue-endemic country

  NGS barcodes Morphological identification
Costs -Cheap when many individuals are multiplexed
-Relatively high costs when only analyzing few samples
-Only costs are manpower given adequate equipment
Time -Time per sample drastically reduced when using large-scale multiplexing -Fast when only few individuals need to be identified
Training -Few days of training needed for beginners -Extensive training needed
Reliability -Highly specific given adequate database -Highly specific given adequate training, the existence of identification keys, and adequate morphologically discriminating characteristics
-Adaptable to large range of species -Different experts needed when analyzing different groups of species
-Reliable for cryptic species -Unreliable for cryptic species