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Table 1 Number of An. gambiae s.l. mosquitoes from each rearing temperature regime used for biochemical analysis of metabolic enzyme level

From: Relationship between temperature and Anopheles gambiae sensu lato mosquitoes' susceptibility to pyrethroids and expression of metabolic enzymes

Temperature regime (°C) Mosquitoes that were not exposed to pyrethroids Mosquitoes that were exposed to pyrethroids
25 50 40
28 50 16
30 50 28
32 50 40
34 40
  1. NB: Few mosquitoes survived after exposure to pyrethroid insecticides, resulting in an unequal number of mosquitoes in the pyrethroid-exposed group; all mosquitoes exposed to insecticides at 34 °C died; hence there were no live insecticide-exposed mosquitoes to test from the 34 °C temperature regime