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Table 4 Species, GenBank accession number, geographical locality, host, and references of Aspidoderidae GenBank sequences used in this study

From: Population genetic structure and phenotypic diversity of Aspidodera raillieti (Nematoda: Heterakoidea), a parasite of Didelphini marsupials in Brazil’s South and Southeast Atlantic Forest

Species Accession number Geographical locality Host References
Aspidodera raillieti OL676808-OL676982 Brazil D. aurita or D. albiventris or P. quica Present study
Aspidodera scoleciformis KC470136 Paraguay Euphractus sexcinctus [2]
Aspidodera sogandaresi KC470131 Mexico Dasypus novemcinctus [2]
Aspidodera kinsellai KC470134 Mexico D. novemcinctus [2]
A. kinsellai KC470133 Mexico D. novemcinctus [2]
A. kinsellai KC470132 Costa Rica D. novemcinctus [2]
Lauroia trinidadensis KC470135 Mexico D. novemcinctus [2]
Nematomystes rodentophilus KC470130 Argentina Oxymycterus paramensis [2]
N. scapteromi KC470129 Argentina Scapteromys aquaticus [2]