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Table 7 Pairwise Fst values of A. raillieti sequences between clades and host species groups

From: Population genetic structure and phenotypic diversity of Aspidodera raillieti (Nematoda: Heterakoidea), a parasite of Didelphini marsupials in Brazil’s South and Southeast Atlantic Forest

  \Clade I Clade II Clade III Clade IV
Clade I     
Clade II 0.47962*    
Clade III 0.24468* 0.29764*   
Clade IV 0.15199* 0.20686* 0.09133*  
Host species D. albiventris D. aurita P. quica
D. albiventris    
D. aurita 0.04366**   
P. quica 0.01793** 0.05206**  
  1. *Significant results (P < 0.05), **significant (P < 0.01)