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Table 1 GenBank accession number for each marker used in the phylogenetic analysis

From: Do not judge a book by its cover: would Triatoma tibiamaculata (Pinto, 1926) belong to Triatoma Laporte, 1832, or to Panstrongylus Berg, 1879, with misleading homoplasies?

Species Molecular markers
16S 18S 28S cytb COI COII ITS-1 ITS-2 12S
Panstrongylus genus          
 P. chinai     JX400960     AJ306547  
 P. geniculatus AF394593   KX109907 KX109903    AM949585 AJ306543  
 P. howardi     JX400969     JX400871  
 P. lignarius AY185833 JQ897584 KX109906 ON262111 AF449141    AJ306549 AY185818
 P. lutzi KC248969   KC249135 KC249227 KC249307 KC249401 ON262110   
 P. megistus KC248975 AJ243336 KC249141 KC249232 KC249312 KC249403 AM949580 AJ306542 AF021178
 P. rufotuberculatus KY748239 AJ421955   JX400989     AJ306546  
 P. tibiamaculatus comb. nov KC249080 KC249127 KC249214 KC249296 KC249389 KC249485 ON262109   AY185829
 P. tupynambai KC248978   KC249142 KC249234   KC249404    
Brasiliensis subcomplex
 T. brasiliensis KC248985 AJ421957 KC249145 KC249239 KC249318 KC249413 KJ125138 AF021187
 T. bahiensis     KT347298      
 T. juazeirensis KC249026   KC249173 AY494169 KF826892   KJ125150  
 T. lenti KY576788    KY576789 KY576791     
 T. melanica KC249041   KC249183 AY336527 KC249041 KC249461 KJ125147  
 T. petrocchiae KY654073    KY654075 KY654074     KY654072
 T. sherlocki EU489057   KC249205 EU489058 KC608987 KC249478 KJ125149  
 Rhodnius prolixus   AJ421962 AF435860 AF045718 AF449138    AJ286888 AF394519
  1. Bold: Sequences obtained in this study