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Table 1 Selected pesticides used for experiments of sub-lethal exposures of Anopheles mosquitoes

From: Effects of agricultural pesticides on the susceptibility and fitness of malaria vectors in rural south-eastern Tanzania

Trade name Insecticide class Active ingredient Concentration of active ingredient Description and recommended use
Ninja 5EC Pyrethroid Lambda-cyhalothrin 50 g/l Fast-acting and broad-spectrum; for use on cashew nuts, vegetables and fruits; targets sucking insect pests
Twigaphos 48EC Organophosphate Chlorpyrifos 480 g/l For the control of insects in cotton, coffee, cashew and vegetables
Akheri Powder Carbamate Carbaryl 5% w/w For domestic use against crawling insects such as fleas, ants, cockroaches, etc.
  1. The pesticides represent the different insecticide classes used in the study villages