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Table 2 Description of sequences in the datasets used for phylogenetic reconstruction

From: Trypanosoma cruzi iron superoxide dismutases: insights from phylogenetics to chemotherapeutic target assessment

Species Strain Isoforma UniProt identifiers European Nucleotide Archive (ENA) identifiers Reference Sequence (RefSeq) identifiers Protein Data Bank (PDB) identifiers Reference Length (nt) Susb
T. cruzi CL Brener clone FeSOD-A Q4DCQ3 EAN90306.1 XM_807064 4DVH [23] 702 S
4H3E [75]
T. cruzi Tulahuen clone 2 FeSOD-A O02615 AAC47548.2 NA NA [19] 636 S
T. cruzi Y clone 4 FeSOD-A Q2TJ60 AAX84933.1 NA NA [21] 637 S
Y clone 16 FeSOD-A Q2TJ60 AAX84936.1 NA NA [21] 637 R
T. cruzi 17LER FeSOD-A Q2TJ65 AAX84930.1A NA NA [21] 637 R
17WTS FeSOD-A Q2TJ65 AX84931.1 NA NA [21] 637 S
Barra Seca FeSOD-A Q2TJ65 AAX84932.1A NA NA [21] 637 S
YUYU FeSOD-A Q2TJ65 AX84938.1 NA NA [21] 637 R
T. cruzi CL Brener clone FeSOD-A Q2TJ61 AAX84934.1A NA NA [21] 637 S
JA FeSOD-A Q2TJ61 AX84935.1AA NA NA [21] 637 S
São Felipe FeSOD-A Q2TJ61 X84937.1AAX NA NA [21] 637 S
VL-10 FeSOD-A Q2TJ61 84939.1 NA NA [21] 637 R
T. cruzi CL Brener clone FeSOD-B Q4DI29 EAN92179.1 XM_808937 2GPC [76] 588 S
T. cruzi Tulahuen clone 2 FeSOD-B O02616 AAC47549.1 NA NA [19] 588 S
  1. MR Medium resistant, NA not applicable, R resistant, S susceptible
  2. 3D structure not available in PDB
  3. aFeSOD-A,-B: Iron superoxide dismutase isoform A and B, respectively
  4. bSus: in vivo drug susceptibility to BZ and/or NFX, as previously described [37, 39]