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Table 1 Mating rates between virgin females with either AgDNV- or PBS-injected male Anopheles gambiae

From: Sexual transmission of Anopheles gambiae densovirus (AgDNV) leads to disseminated infection in mated females

Mating ratesa PBS-injected males AgDNV-injected male
Mated Unmated Mated Unmated
P 29% 71% 36% 64%
N 46 111 63 114
Total number 157 177
  1. The mating rate between PBS-injected males and AgDNV-injected males did not differ (Fisher’s exact test, P = 0.2432), as determined by the number of females that were inseminated after being left with males for 3 nights
  2. AgDNV Anopheles gambiae densovirus, PBS phosphate-buffered saline
  3. aN = number of female mosquitoes, either with or without sperm present in the spermatheca (classified as mated or unmated, respectively). P = percentage of female mosquitoes that are mated or unmated