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Table 1 Clinical findings and tick infestation of dogs

From: Novel Ehrlichia canis genogroup in dogs with canine ehrlichiosis in Cuba

Common clinical signs of canine ehrlichiosis Clinical signs of canine ehrlichiosis observed in study dogsa
Dog5b Dog17 Dog23b Dog26 Dog60b Dog78 Dog92 Dog172b
Elevation of body temperature
Depression, lethargy anorexia
Hemorrhagic tendencies (petechiae and ecchymoses, and epistaxis) X X X
Ophthalmological lesions
Neurological signs
Pale mucous membranes and weakness
Others clinical signs Cough Emaciation
Tick infestation (Rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu lato) X X X X
  1. a‘X’ indicates the presence of the clinical sign in the dog, and ‘–’ indicates the absence of the clinical sign
  2. bDogs infected with the new CUB genogroup