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Table 1 Density of laminin labelling in the capsule of P. berghei oocysts.

From: Localisation of laminin within Plasmodium berghei oocysts and the midgut epithelial cells of Anopheles stephensi

  Infected Midgut
(mean density/μm2)
Uninfected Midgut
(mean density/μm2)
P. berghei oocyst capsule 7.91 (± 0.82)a N/A
P. berghei oocyst minus capsule* 1.35 (± 0.11)b N/A
Basal lamina 14.00 (± 1.36)a 13.98 (± 1.71)x
Midgut Epithelium 1.02 (± 0.39)b 2.03 (± 0.80)x
Midgut lumen 0.89 (± 0.19)b 0.18 (± 0.05)y
Resin 0.30 (± 0.07)b 0.17 (± 0.04)y
  1. There was significantly more labelling of laminin in the oocyst capsule and the midgut basal lamina than the control areas or P. berghei oocysts minus capsule. Values in brackets = standard error of the mean. Infected midgut: a indicates a significant difference from control areas denoted by b. Uninfected midgut: x indicates a significant difference from control area denoted by y. *Laminin distribution was analysed within whole oocysts (minus capsule) without any distinction made between sporozoites, cytoplasm or subcapsular space. Analysis was performed on whole cells with no distinction between cytoplasm and organelles. In later analyses, laminin distribution in various organelles was compared to distribution in the midgut lumen.