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Table 1 Prevalence of R. helvetica in ticks.

From: Ixodes ricinus ticks are reservoir hosts for Rickettsia helvetica and potentially carry flea-borne Rickettsia species

Location Area type Collection (Years) Ticks (n) all 3 stages R. helvetica
Ameland (AL) Vegetation rich dune Tick bites (2004-06) 169 12%
Bijlmerweide (BW) City park Flagging (2000-02) 39 36%
Duin en kruidberg (DK) Vegetation-rich dune Flagging (2000-08) 1295 66%
Heumesoord (HO) Heather/forest Flagging (2007) 89 21%
Houtvesterijen (HV) Forest Flagging (2000-02) 143 6%
  1. Ticks from different geographical locations in The Netherlands were tested for the presence of R. helvetica. Ticks (larvae, nymphs and adults) were collected from different area types, in different years, and the infection rate with R. helvetica is expressed as a percentage. As the infection rates between the different tick stages were not significantly different within each location, the overall infection rate is presented.