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Table 1 Leishmania species infecting dogs in South America.

From: Canine leishmaniosis in South America

Species Disease form Suspected/proven vectorsa Geographical distribution
L. amazonensis Visceral Unknown Brazil
L. braziliensis Cutaneous Lu. whitmani, among others Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela
L. colombiensis Visceral Unknown Venezuela
L. infantum Visceral Lu. longipalpis, Lu. evansi, Lu. youngi, among others Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, French Guianab, Venezuela
L. mexicana Cutaneous Lu. ayachuchensis Ecuador
L. panamensis Cutaneous Lu. trapidoi Colombia, Ecuador
L. peruviana Cutaneous Lu. peruensis, Lu. verrucarum Peru
L. pifanoi Cutaneous Unknown Ecuador
  1. a Lutzomyia spp. that have been suspected to be involved in the transmission of Leishmania spp. to dogs in South America. Further information on the phlebotomine sand flies have been implicated as vectors of Leishmania spp. in this region can be found elsewhere [15, 23].
  2. b Autochthonous transmission in French Guiana is uncertain (see text for details).