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Table 9 Summary of continent-wide predictive models available in the literature that map the range of An. gambiae in Africa

From: The dominant Anopheles vectors of human malaria in Africa, Europe and the Middle East: occurrence data, distribution maps and bionomic précis

Reference Method Variables selected
Rogers et al. [54] Maximum likelihood Not given
Lindsay et al.[52] Data Exploration Tool (DET) within Geographic Information System (GIS), Arc/Info (Non-linear regression) Annual precipitation between 330-3224 mm Maximum annual temperature 25-42°C Minimum annual temperature 5-22°C Mean Max. temp of the wet season 25-38°C Mean Min. temp of the wet season 11-24°C
Coetzee et al. [24] No model but plot presence/absence against mean annual rainfall N.A.
Levine et al. [53] Ecologic niche modelling Frost days mentioned as strongly influential No clear influence of other climatic/environmental variables
Moffett et al. [55] Maximum Entropy (Maxent) niche model Mean temp of coldest quarter Min. temp of coldest month Precipitation of wettest month Altitude Precipitation of warmest quarter landscape
Current work Boosted Regression Tree (BRT) Mean precipitation Max. precipitation Altitude (DEM) Precipitation - amplitude of the bi-annual cycle Minimum LST